Nicky McHugh

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While studying to be a Shakespearean drama professor, I realized how language could dramatically shape perceptions of power; of those who have it, want it, and lose it.

Although I chose to pass on an academic career, I spent my formative professional years at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Wall Street, building and protecting brands with some of the largest communications firms in the world.

I am privileged to have led advisory teams providing reputation and communications counsel to companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, Boeing, Microsoft, Whirlpool, Allstate, Chemours, AMLAW100 firms, and the World Gold Council. I have taken companies public at both the NYSE and Nasdaq, ensuring message consistency to ratify investor confidence, advised organizations in transition to affirm their value, influenced ESG and sustainability programs, and counseled firms facing activist investors, leadership changes, pending recessions, and shifting workforces.

It was exciting. And important. But ultimately, brands are products. And what motivates me are people and values.

And so, I shifted my focus. From external advisor to in-house communications leader.

Today, I develop strategic integrated communications programs that transform perceptions, drive business results and elevate industry leaders while advancing and protecting a company’s reputation.