Jim Henderson

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I’m a catalyst for step function growth in public and private businesses facing changing markets, innovation demands, new investment, or executive make overs. I've earned a reputation for achieving the most highly regarded corporate priorities through the full range of business phases in multiple industries. Blazing corporate greenfield, scaling hyper growth, or revitalizing underperforming businesses is when I am at my best. 

I’ve led significant business unit P&Ls, complex technology implementations, transformative business growth, private-to-public company transitions, critical M&A transactions, and the vital integrations that follow. Producing $15B in total revenue growth of multiple businesses at double digit rates through the application of a proven strategic 5-step playbook. 

I assess situations, analyze processes, formulate plans, and execute improvements with measurable results to build thriving businesses, effective leaders, action-oriented problem-solving teams, and healthy cultures.

My goal is for each employee to fully understand, embrace, and support the mission, vision, and purpose in the delivery of frictionless customer experiences. I instill success-driven high-retention cultures by practicing constant, open, and transparent communications.